The Equine Touch

Equine Touch was developed by trainer Jock Ruddock in 1997. He transposed moves from human to horse. Later however, after he was joined by his wife and veterinary surgeon Ivana, he studied and researched the mechanics of the animal as well as the energy patterns and the emotional armour of the equine to where Equine Touch is now recognize as a modality in its own right.

Jock and Ivana

Jock and Ivana

What is Equine Touch?

Equine Touch is a non-diagnostic, non-invasive, energy and connective soft tissue discipline which works at a complete holistic level. It addresses the equine as a whole without paying any particular attention to any named problem as such.

On a practical level Equine Touch consists of a series of gentle vibration moves performed over specific points in specific choreographed patterns, some of which may be interspersed with observation periods to allow the equine to recognise and process the effects of these procedures.

These soft tissue vibrations when performed correctly with the ET move have the effect of releasing spasms, distortions and adhesions in the connective tissue, and smooth muscle of organs. In synergy they stimulate the body's natural inclination towards balance and harmony in its structure and function as well as creating awareness of placement and motion within the equine.

For instance such a soft tissue correction can very quickly restore the compromised saddle area of the horse to its full pain -free-mechanical function or at the very least relieve or reduce the current level of pain giving it a better quality of life.


How does Equine Touch Work?

Equine Touch works by sending signals to the brain to imitate the healing process. When these gentle moves are performed on soft tissue, this stimulates the energy flow enabling the body's own resources to heal itself. The signals are sent via specialised nerve cells found in the fascia of the muscle. Fascia is a membrane that covers every organ, blood vessel, nerve, muscle and every bone. Fascia is found between the bones, ligaments etc. and the blood & lymph etc. Because the fascia is continuous through the whole body it works like a network. The fascia should be loose and elastic however when the muscles are tense and it becomes rigid. It is often thought with injuries that the pain is due to the muscles being tense but often it is the fascia covering the muscle which has become rigid and causing the pain. Equine Touch through these energy-releasing moves gently manipulates these issues assisting the horse to relax, realign and naturally rebalance. These moves also assist detoxification and the lymphatic drainage.