The Equine Touch for Dogs

Dogs are very similar to horses in that they pick up their owner’s anxiety, because of this Equine Touch has a calming effect on the nervous system for those dogs that are highly strung and often have behavioural problems

Equine Touch can:

Any dog regardless of age or illness can often find great pain relief from Equine Touch.

When should Equine Touch not be used?

There are certain moves that could possibly cause uterus contractions therefore this procedure should not be carried out on a pregnant bitch.

It should also be stressed that Equine Touch is not a medical or veterinary procedure and in all cases of injury, lameness or illness, veterinary attention should be sought and the agreement of a veterinary surgeon should be obtained before an alternative modality is introduced.

This modality can be equally as effective on any animal suffering from pain and imbalance in the body.